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RawFilm delivers world’s best, cinematic, curated stock royalty free videos available at your fingertips. Elevate your videos and amaze your customers with authentic footage shot by award-winning filmmakers. Get inspired by highest-caliber footage that you won’t find anywhere else. Start here!

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Frequently asked questions

How does the subscription work?

To license, download and use clips from the RawFilm platform, you need to subscribe to our annual or monthly plan. The annual subscription gives you an unlimited number of licenses, while the monthly subscription allows for licensing up to 50 clips per month. Unused monthly licenses roll over from month to month. Depending on the subscription you choose, you will be automatically billed from month to month or once per year. If you cancel the subscription, you will lose access to all the files.

Does the subscription renew automatically?

Yes, both the annual and monthly subscription renews automatically. Your credit card will be automatically charged, unless you cancel the service before .

Do the unused clips roll over to the next month?

Yes! All unused downloads roll over to the next month and add up. This means you don’t need to use all the downloads from the previous month in the current month, because those clips will all roll over to the upcoming month.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel the subscription anytime. Please keep in mind that you’ll irreversibly lose all the unused downloads you gathered in previous months.

How often do you add new footage?

We add new footage collections every week.

What if I want to change subscription plans?

The easiest way would be to cancel your current subscription plan and sign up for the different one. If you need more help, please contact us at contact (at) raw.film or use the chat window.

Can I use the footage forever?

After you license the clip, you can use it in one final product (video, website background, presentation, etc.). The license is perpetual - that means you don’t need to keep an active subscription to be legally covered. If you’d like to use the same clip in a new project, we ask you to license it again. You need to have an active subscription each time you want to use the clip in a new project.

Is it OK to use download managers plugins to download the content?

We strongly advise not to use any additional software that speeds up the download process. This software initiates few download connections at once which account for RawFilm as few attempts to download the clip. We allow you to download each clip 3 times after it’s been licensed. This goes in line with RawFilm license which strictly requires a separate license for each clip to be used in every new end product.

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Most popular royalty free b-roll

ID - 3461
FILE - 0036_092_A001_C060_0
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ID - 5188
FILE - 0090_001_A001_C033_0
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ID - 6323
FILE - 0073_002_A001_C002_0
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ID - 6460
FILE - 0073_139_A001_C104_0
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ID - 12360
FILE - 0140_028_A001_C026_1
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ID - 133906
FILE - 0201_003_red_helium
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ID - 135486
FILE - 0233_016_red_helium
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ID - 136849
FILE - 0199_058_dji_inspire
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ID - 136854
FILE - 0199_063_dji_inspire
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ID - 145748
FILE - 0257_063_red_helium
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ID - 146906
FILE - 0243_052_red_helium
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ID - 181042
FILE - 0296_042_red_helium
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ID - 183322
FILE - 0332_015_red_helium
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ID - 183619
FILE - 0350_031_red_helium
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ID - 202042
FILE - 0363_054_red_helium
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