RawFilm | Inside a Start Up | Shot on RED in 5K

The Busy Space of a Modern Office

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This footage shows a motivated startup team meeting in their modern office, trying to get their venture off the ground. Their company is aimed at success. Communication and polite discussion is key to their work process, they have had many brainstorming sessions and already came up with an initial concept for their company. The guy wants to specialize in cryptocurrency. The girls are currently working on their ICO. The team, made up by two young women and a man are all inspired by the success of great corporations like Facebook, Uber and Google and they are confident the time has come for them now. That’s the approach adopted by many young entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and specifically San Francisco. University degrees aren’t enough to succeed. They know they won’t reach their goal unless they are ready to spend a major part of their day in the workplace, devoted to the project.

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