RawFilm | A Perfect Day | Shot on RED in 5K

A Picture-perfect Date in Venice Beach

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Couples love spending time in California’s Venice for a reason. This scenic paradise has served as an outdoor location for many popular movies and TV shows. When you go there for a retreat with your loved one, the moment might feel almost unreal. It’s the best setting to choose for a romantic walk where you profess your love and deep affection for each other. The footage shows a very happy couple hanging out around the beach, on the pier, and in other cosy corners of this LA neighbourhood. They are having an amazing time, giving each other plenty of care and attention. The woman is smiling as the man is putting his arm around her in a tight hug. Maybe they’re celebrating some special occasion like an anniversary or Valentine’s day? One thing is for sure - this day will turn into a beautiful memory that will last forever, maybe longer than their relationship.

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